Send ’em a meal!


A Bowl of Good has joined up with to offer help to people trying to connect their loved ones with healthy, delicious meals. The goal is to help – even if they’er too far away to deliver in person!

Each week, we send out a countless amount of boxes with a variety of great frozen meals, tailored to provide a wholesome dinner with as minimal amount of preparation time possible. Take Them A Meal subscribers have noticed that it’s a great way to bless loved ones who don’t have the time, talent or energy to cook…Or, they might just be going through a hard time!

If you’d like to think about sending one of the many different available packages, including our brand new cookies, check out the offerings at the local website. We love being a part of the good in this community and what better way to be a part of the good than to feed these people!

Who doesn’t love to shop?!



You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love shopping. You get to buy something brand new that nobody else has ever worn or used and make it your own. It becomes yours. You are the rightful owner of that new product or commodity. It is an unbelievable sensation to know that you also worked to earn the money required to acquire that particular product. There’s not many things better in life than the ability to afford something that may be expensive or at one point, financially out of reach. Why? Well, if you work senselessly at something that results in fair compensation, you can then take that money and trade it for a common good. Common goods people like to purchase as sort of a treat to themselves include handbags, cologne, new hats, shoes, t-shirts, dresses, video games, sporting goods and music items.

Whether you’re shopping for a new tie or for a Yacht Rental Fort Lauderdale, you need to have your shopping addiction under control and a budget set!



Five Crucial SEO Tools to Consider


When it comes to the marketing of your website, search engine optimization is tremendously important.  In the good old days one would have to do everything manually, however in the online marketing world of today there are several SEO tools that do all the work and research for you allowing for a lot more time to spend in other areas.

•    One such tool is Google analytics.  This is a tool that allows you to monitor the traffic you are getting to your site and also offers various other statistics that can help you plan your SEO.  This tool is excellent and comes absolutely free of charge for you.

•    Another tool that you can make use of is the SEO toolbar.  This tool works very well if you are using firefox as your browser of choice.  With this tool you will have all the information you need at your fingertips and it will already have been collected in one place for your convenience.  With a click on your mouse, you will have valuable data that can tell you what is happening with your site and help you plan for the future.

•    Raven is another tool that you can use and better still, that you can customize to make it your very own.  With this tool you can also integrate data from other tools such as Google analytics giving you a better view of the progress you are making.

•    Another tool that you can use is SEMRush which is a great one when it comes to keyword research.  This tool will analyze your keywords and those of your competitors letting you know how they are doing.  It is a great planning tool when it comes to keyword strategy.

•    The last of the SEO tools to consider is Google minify.  This tool causes your webpages to open up much faster than before and is a great tool for mobile sites.

The Most Important On-page SEO Services


Performing on-page SEO services can be challenging even for the most experienced companies. It is vitally important to choose a company that knows what it is doing, or you might find Google penalizing your website rather than rewarding it. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and every update leads to new optimization strategies. When choosing which SEO services will be the most beneficial to you, keep in mind that using white-hat techniques is crucial for long-term success.

Keyword optimization is one of the canonical SEO services. It is widely known that having a specialization and optimizing your website around keywords related to that specialization can result in a drastic sprint to the top of the rankings. In order to rank for certain terms, some websites try hiding keywords all over their site. This tactic is frowned upon by Google and recent algorithm updates penalize this behavior. Now, keyword usage is a bit of an art, and requires well-thought out articles that are rich with both keywords and useful information.

Even once a website is ranking highly for certain keywords, it still might find itself low on visitors. This could be due to poorly written metadata. On a search engine results page, visitors are shown a little snippet of text that describes what each website is about. One of the most crucial on-page SEO services involves editing this information, known as metadata, to attract human visitors. By including useful information that is relevant to the search, metadata can increase traffic even after a website is ranking highly.

Out of all SEO services, creating a site map is quite possibly the most essential one. Without a site map, robots have a very difficult time indexing all of the pages on a website. Site maps guide the robots through every clickable link and ensure that every single word gets catalogued. It is impossible to rank for a keyword if Google doesn’t even know that your site exists.

It is important to make sure that your site is optimized for both humans and robots, soon-page SEO services are becoming increasingly important with every new algorithm update. Using white-hat tactics like the ones listed above can help you earn a long-term advantage. Creating an honest website that is full of useful information is the best way to climb the rankings and stay at the top. Instead of worrying about how future updates might penalize your site, only employ time-tested strategies.